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NYS Election Laws have changed.  Read a summary here=>. 
For more complete information go to the Madison County Board of Elections website - link below.

At the Village Elections on June 18, 2019, the following were elected.
Mayor: 2 year term, Ruth Ann Loveless : 
about Ruth Ann Loveless=>

Trustees (2) - 2 year term:
Jennifer Servedio, :  about Jenifer Servidio=>

Julie Dudrick   about Julie Dudrick=>

Town Caucus: 
The Town of Hamilton Democratic Committee caucused on
 June 5, 2019 and nominated the following Democrats.

    Supervisor: Eve Ann Shwartz - about Eve Ann Shwartz=>
    Council: Darrell J Griff


    Council: Shari L Taylor, who is not a Democrat, was not nominated by the caucus but is running on an independent line on the ballot with the Democratic candidates.

    Candidates Statements=>

The Town election will be held at the November 5 general election.  Check with the Board of Elections for the early voting dates and times.  Link below.

Madison Chenango Call To Action, an “Indivisible” Group  Web site=>

Town of Hamilton Office has moved: Details =>

Quick Links:

     Madison County, NY Board of Elections    

     Madison County Democratic Committee

     New York State Democratic Party            

     National Democratic Party (DNC)

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Our Mission: The Town of Hamilton Democrats are committed to secure the blessings of liberty and justice at home and to promote them abroad.  We embrace democratic, liberal, and progressive principles as well as genuinely conservative principles in taking positions on local, state, national and international issues.


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