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  [Hamilton Activities]

  I am grateful to the Hamilton Democratic Committee for endorsing me for a third 2-year term as Mayor of Hamilton.  Along with our exceptional Village staff, I am proud of the accomplishments we have achieved during the past four years and look forward to completing ongoing projects as well as considering new opportunities.

 Of special importance are the sale of land at the Airpark for industrial development and the housing expansion at Five Trees (thanks to Colgate University) which add to our tax base. WE have been fortunate to acquire over 10M in grants (including the NY Forward grant) for specific projects, many of which are ongoing. WE are currently waiting to hear about 3M in pending grants.  Other accomplishments include:

  • Achieving NYS bronze status as a climate smart community
  • Being Named a NYS Tree City, planted over 100 trees donated by Colgate
  • *Completing the 14M wastewater treatment plant upgrade
  • Expanding sidewalks on Eaton, College, Madison, and University
  • Building an additional hangar, enlarging the apron, and planning to refurbish the terminal and terminal hangar and upgrading the fuel farm at the airport
  • Developing additional parking and beautifying the trailhead on Montgomery Street
  • Creating a monthly Village newsletter
  • Renovating the Village Hall to address safety and health issues
  • Improving security at the DPW and airport
  • Restoring the Gazebo
  • Expanding natural gas distribution to 260 services
  • Developing a plan for a new well
  • Working with the Canal Corps on the Lake Moraine Dam project
  • Establishing online billing and credit card payments
  • Creating the Madison Lane/Madison Street crosswalk and ADA compliant sidewalk to street connections throughout the village
  • Constructing the Dog Park
  • Acquiring four fast speed chargers and developing a “Welcome to Hamilton” space on Utica Street

I have established relationships with our state and federal legislators as well as the governor’s office.  In addition, I am very involved with the New York Conference of Mayors, serving on the Executive, Finance,

College/community and Women’s Advisory Committees. In addition, I currently serve as the 2nd vice-president, will be appointed 1st vice president in May and become president in May 2024.

It must be noted that all the accomplishments have occurred because we have a great Village team who have worked hard to implement the projects.

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