Darrell Griff

     I believe that, as a member of both the comprehensive. plan committee and zoning update committee, I can provide some background and insight to the town council when making decisions for the future of the town of Hamilton.

     As chair of the planning board I have been able to work with several members of our community on land use issues. Some of these issues were frustrating for all involved, but, I believe we were able to apply the zoning laws fairly to all community members and when all was said and done we were still friends and neighbors. I think my experience working with the public on these issues would be of some value on the town council. I have many years of experience working with local, county, state and national leaders and hope to put some of what little I have been able to learn to use for my town.

  • Farm on Gorton Rd. since 1991
  • Hamilton Central School - Ag. advisory committee
  • Madison County Farm Bureau - director 30+ yrs., vice president 3 yrs., president 8 yrs.
  • New York State Farm Bureau - District 5 Director 6yrs., numerous legislative meetings in Albany and Washington, State committees: dairy, livestock, audit/budget.
  • New York State Rural Schools Association - Board of directors 4 yrs.
  • Madison County Natural Gas Task Force/working group
  • Town of Hamilton - Planning Board chairperson, Comprehensive Plan committee, Zoning up-date committee
  • Ag. Advisory Committee for Congressman Brindisi
  • Town of Hamilton Democratic Committee
  • Madison County Democratic Committee